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Suspension and Shock Absorber Repairs

Car suspension

Suspension is a crucially important aspect of every motor vehicle. It is the mechanism that ensures all four wheels spend the greatest possible time in contact with the road surface. Suspension allows your car to corner precisely, absorb the impact shocks from potholes and bumps, and brake efficiently. The suspension system is made of several interconnected parts including springs, shock absorbers, bushes, tie rod ends and ball joints. When these parts wear out or are subject to damage, you place your safety and that of the community at risk. In this article, we will discuss some warning signs you need to have your suspension checked, and outline the basic maintenance that goes into such a service.

Indicators of Problems With Your Suspension

The following may be indicators that you should take your vehicle to a professional:

  • The car leans forward when braking
  • There are problems cornering, causing you to drive slower than normal
  • Tyres wearing out quickly or in unusual patterns
  • Unusual noises from the corners of your car
  • Water or fluid present on or around your shock absorbers

The Difference Between Suspension and Shock Absorbers

In most cars, suspension is performed by a spring. When you go over a gap in the road, the spring extends, allowing the wheel to stay in contact with the ground over the uneven surface. The shock absorbers then come into play to stop the spring from oscillating with recoil indefinitely, which would be immensely uncomfortable. The shock absorbers in most modern vehicles are hydraulic dampeners.

What to Expect From an Expert Suspension Service

When you visit your local mechanic or suspension professional for a service, there are a few things that you should receive and notice. The first thing to be wary of is a mechanic who fails to ask questions or listen to your experiences. Listening to customers is the best research a mechanic can do to understand what problems may be occurring with a specific vehicle. When you check your car in for a service, it is therefore important to have an open and honest discussion with your technician. It doesn’t matter if you have no knowledge or experience of how cars work, you will know how your car usually feels. Do your best to explain what feels off and it will give the mechanic an idea of what to investigate. For example, you might think it’s a problem with your steering system when it may actually be your wheel alignment , but if you don’t discuss the feeling you are getting, the mechanic may not check your wheel alignment.

When you book in for a suspension service, the mechanic will check all of the components of your system for wear, faults and damage. Any decent mechanic will also take your car for a test drive to make sure the feeling you described is fixed.

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Tyrepower are trusted Australia wide for attention to detail when it comes to suspension servicing and will always chat with you to understand any problems you are experiencing. Click here to find your nearest store. Alternatively, call 03 6164 8888 to speak to a customer service representative today.

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