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Run flat tyres can increase safety and convenience

A number of leading car manufacturers have started to equip their vehicles with run flat tyres, also known as mobility tyres.

These tyres do as the name suggest – they are able to continue to run safely in the event of sudden or gradual deflation. When fitted with run flat tyres your vehicle can continue moving despite a loss of tyre pressure and is able to function even when there is little or no pressure.

Run flat tyres offer the following benefits over the conventional tyre:

  • Increased safety - in the event of sudden tyre deflation the vehicle remains controllable

  • Less inconvenience and improved safety - no need to change the tyre and wheel assembly at the roadside

  • Weight and space saving – you don’t need to carry a spare wheel

Safety precautions with run flat tyres

It is essential when using run flat tyres that they are operated in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system, to ensure the driver is informed when there is any loss of pressure.

Run flat tyres are designed to have a "get you home capability" and depending on the particular tyre brand, can be operated up to a distance of 100km, provided the maximum speed of the vehicle does not exceed 80km/hr. It is suggested you refer to the particular tyre manufacturer's recommendations for their specific guidelines.

Tyres designed with this type of technology are Bridgestone RFT, Continental SSR, Dunlop DSST, Goodyear EMT, Michelin Pax System and Pirelli Eufori@.

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